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Our Services


Services Provided: Rate:

Hourly Labor Rate $ 95.00

Fabrication Hourly Rate $ 105.00

Emergency Hourly Rate $ 125.00

What can we do for you?

Sharpen Blades (Off Mower, Per Blade) 

Sharpen Blades (On Mower, Per Blade) 

Sharpen Chain & Place on Saw *12-18" Chain* 

Sharpen Chain & Place on Saw *20" or more*

Sharpen Hedge Trimmer *Less Than 24"* 

Sharpen Hedge Trimmer *More Than 24"* 


Repair Recoil (Off Unit) 

Repair Recoil (On Unit) 


Plug Tire (Off Unit, Per Tire) 

Replace Tire 

Plug & Mount Tire (On Unit, Per Tire) 

Place Tube in Small Tire & Mount (Per Tire) *Additional Tube Price* 

Place Tube in Large Tire & Mount (Per Tire) *Additional Tube Price* 


Diagnostic Charge *Minimum Charge*

Diagnostic Charge (Rider Equipment) *Minimum Charge* 


Clean Carburetor (UltraSonic Cleaner & Reassembly) 


Oil Change Walk Behind, No Filter

Oil Change Walk Behind, With Filter 

Oil Change ZTR-Synthetic Blend, With Filter 

Pump & Wheel Motor Oil Change, With Filter 

Transaxle Oil Change, With Filter 


Pick Up & Delivery, Round Trip (Up to 6 Miles) $ 30.00

Pick Up & Delivery, Round Trip (6-12 Miles) $ 50.00


Tune-Up Packages (Parts & Labor)

Single Stage 2-Stroke Snow Blower Tune-Up *Paddles/Scraper Excluded* 

Hand-Held Tune-Up (Blower, Chainsaw, String Trimmer)

Compactor Tune-Up 

Generator Tune-Up 

Power Washer Tune-Up 

Single Stage 4-Stroke Snow Blower Tune-Up *Paddles/Scraper Excluded* 

Hedge Trimmer Tune-Up (w/ Blade Sharpening) 

21" Walk Behind Tune-Up 

Dual Stage Snow Blower Tune-Up 

Lawn Tractor Tune-Up 

Ride-On Spreader/Sprayer Tune-Up 

30"+ Walk Behind Tune-Up 

Zero Turn Tune-Up 

Commercial Tractor Tune-Up 

**Additional Charges for Parts/Labor Outside of Tune-Up**

**Don't Get Stuck from the Snow! Bring Us Your Snow Blowers, Plows, and Salters for Repair!**

All Spring/Summer Tune-Up Packages Include:

  • Oil Change (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Oil Filter Replacement (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Air Filter Replacement

  • Fuel Filter Replacement

  • Spark Plug(s) Replacement

  • Blade Sharpening (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Check Performance/Condition of all Cables and Belts

  • Check PTO/Blade Engagement (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Check Tire PSI/Inflate to Desired PSI (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Check Fuel System Performance/Condition

  • Check/Test Ignition System & Engine Compressions

  • General Cleaning of Debris Under Mower Deck (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Grease and Lubrication of Steering and Chassis (On Necessary Equipment)

  • Power Wash/Clean Unit

All Winter Tune-Up Packages Include:

  • Spark Plug Replacement

  • Check Fuel System Performance/Condition

  • Check Cables and Belts Performance/Condition

  • Check Bail/s Performance/Condition

  • Check Chute Performance/Condition

  • Inspect Scraper Bar Performance/Condition

  • Inspect Paddles Performance/Condition

  • Safety Features & Hardware Check on Unit

  • Power Wash/Clean Unit

  • **Paddle Replacement/Scraper Bar Replacement Not Included**

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