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Many mower owners (home-owners and landscapers alike) ask about a discharge chute block of some sort to protect their planting beds and any large debris from flying and doing damage.

Simple solution: GrassFlap.

GrassFlap is an OCDC (Operator Controlled Discharge Chute) completely operated by foot pedal. The research and development are based solely on field testing and trials with numerous zero turn owners and users. 

Not only are you purchasing a rugged and simple piece of equipment, but you are keeping those dollar bills in your pocket! No more damaged beds, broken windows, or using different mowers because customers do not like the clippings to blow everywhere.

We have that quick and easy solution for you at Green Streek Outdoor Power!

grass flap.heic

Compatible with Several Models

GrassFlap OCDC fits on several models of zero turn mowers! All kits are designed to fit many top named brands of zero turns in the industry.

Give us a call and we can find the perfect GrassFlap for you!

Easy to Use

With a simple foot pedal mounted to the foot platform of the deck, all controls are done by foot.

A mechanical cable system from the pedal to the chute blocker moves the chute blocker up and down when the pedal is pressed. 

This is the only mechanical chute blocker that completely clears the edge of the deck when in the open position.

grass flap up.heic

Looking for more information? Check out the brochure and video below!

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